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UK consumers could save on average £103 a year on their mobile and £196 on their broadband bills.

UK consumers continue their search for the best communications deals. The 2018 ctrlio Mobile and Broadband Consumer Report shows they could save a total of £3bn on their mobile and £4bn on their broadband contracts each year. These figures are based on our analysis of over 400,000 visits to ctrlio’s website, where 52% of visitors selected deals saving an average of £103 a year on their mobile contracts and 78% selected broadband deals saving an average of £196 a year.

ctrlio also found that informed visitors could save more than those who simply guessed their needs: those who used the website’s online mobile bill analysis tool identified savings that were 50% bigger; an average of £156 a year. This provides evidence of the value of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) introduced earlier this year. One of the benefits of GDPR is the access customers are given to their online records held by service providers so that individuals can make more informed decisions about their purchases.

"This year we have seen a record number of visitors to the ctrlio site and, once again, our analysis shows that those who are able to signal the most accurate description of their needs are able to find the biggest savings"

— ctrlio CEO Laurence John.

Key highlights from the report:

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ctrlio analysed the records of over 400,000 visits to their website over a 12-month period to get a deep insight into customer demand for mobile and broadband deals.

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Laurence John

Laurence has been developing, marketing and financing advanced products in aerospace, mobile and early stage venture environments for the past 25 years.