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Savvy UK consumers could save an average of £119 a year on their mobile and £176 on their broadband bills.

Consumers that match mobile and broadband deals to their actual needs can increase their average savings by 35% according to ctrlio’s 2017 Mobile and Broadband Consumer Report.

UK mobile consumers could be saving a total of up to £3.7bn on their mobile and £3.4bn on their broadband contracts despite the fact that they are getting savvier about searching out the right deals. This equates to potential average savings for individual UK mobile consumers of £119 a year (for 58% of ctrlio mobile visitors) while broadband users could save an average of £176 over the same period (for 75% of ctrlio broadband visitors) by choosing the right contract.

"The report demonstrates that consumers who flag their needs to brands and signal their intention to buy a particular product or service, instead of brands trying to second guess them, get better deals and make substantial savings"

— ctrlio CEO Laurence John.

Key highlights from the report:

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ctrlio analysed over 200,000 searches on their mobile website over a 12-month period. For the broadband data, a sample of 30,000 searches was used.

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Laurence John

Laurence has been developing, marketing and financing advanced products in aerospace, mobile and early stage venture environments for the past 25 years.