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UK mobile phone customers are getting savvier about their spending, but they could still be saving £4.4 billion on their pay monthly contracts. This year's ctrlio National Mobile Phone Report investigates why this is and what people can do about it.

While the total amount has reduced - £6.2 billion was the figure in last year’s report – new research shows there are still significant savings to be made. ctrlio analysed data from over 100,000 visitors to the ctrlio website over a 12-month period to 11th November 2016, and detailed statistical analysis from a sample of 15,000 of these visitors. The results highlight key factors and provide valuable insight into how operators can help and how customers can find the right contract for their needs.

Key highlights from the report are:

“For the second year running, ctrlio’s deep dive into the usage of mobile phones shows that UK consumers are massively overspending. However, their overspend has reduced since last year, suggesting they are getting better at finding deals that match their usage and switching as soon as their contracts come to an end. We are delighted to have played our part in helping so many customers save money in the last 12 months.”

Laurence John, CEO, ctrlio

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Dominic Strowbridge

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