ctrlio uses machine learning and AI to help businesses understand the competitiveness of their deals, in real-time, so that they can make offers with the best chance of conversion, at the moment that matters.

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Consumers are increasingly buying their insurance policies through aggregators, but it is difficult for you to predict how your standard deals will perform.

Plug ctrlio's Smart Pricing API into your pricing platform and get real-time competitiveness assessments every time you quote.

In a recent trial, ctrlio was able to show an insurer how they could have doubled their premiums whilst reducing their cost of acquisition, using the ctrlio Smart Pricing API.

Import your own risk profile data to focus ctrlio's Smart Pricing model on the segments you want to win.

Use ctrlio's Smart Pricing Retention solution to retain the customers you want across multiple channels.

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With more and more sales starting online, you need to know how your mobile and broadband offers will rank against the competition.

ctrlio's Dynamic Offer Management platform gives you a live view of your performance and the tools to act in order to achieve targets.

Sophisticated data modelling lets you test deal changes and quantify likely impact before going live in the market.

Cross-channel reporting shows your performance in different segments and highlights gaps in and opportunities for your portfolio.

Dynamic Offers insert Retention and Cross-sell deals in relevant customer results, so that you have the best chance of keeping these customers.

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Respond to visitor requests in real time. Tailor offers dynamically to maximise conversion with the customers you want to attract.