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If you’re finding your mobile phone bill too steep, you’re not alone. Research from watchdog, Which reveals the majority of mobile customers are on the wrong plans and collectively losing out on billions of pounds each year.

Help is at hand. ctrlio is a new tool that helps you analyse your bills and match plans to your exact needs. It’s the fastest way to get better deals and it’s saving people £210 a year on average.

How to find your best mobile phone deal?

1. Only pay for what you actually need

Paying for unused data, minutes and texts or being charged for going over your allowance are the biggest causes of overspending. To get the best deal, you need to know your actual usage. But an estimated 11 million of us don’t know this information.

Do you know how many data, minutes and texts you use? ctrlio can help you find out, in under a minute. There are no boring forms or guesswork. With ctrlio you can pull your monthly usage straight from your online bills and use it to search every network for your best plan. It’s really easy as ctrlio does the hard work for you.

2. Change your plan as soon as your contract expires

Your contract is often set up to cover the cost of your handset. Once your contract term ends, your handset is paid off. But if you don’t change plans, you’ll over pay. Do you know when your contract ends? Missed contract end dates are such an issue that Which is lobbying mobile operators to send out customer alerts. If you can’t wait for that to happen, ctrlio lets you do this now, sending you a text reminder a month before your contract expires. So you never have to overpay for a handset again.

3. Consider a SIM only deal

Most people could save over £200 a year by switching to a SIM only deal. So if your phone is in good condition and you’re happy to keep it for another year, a SIM only deal could be the way to go.

Want to compare SIM only and phone deals? No problem. ctrlio will show you both SIM only and phone deals – as well as the cost differences. Making it easier to decide what’s right for you.

4. Know your login details

Your online bills contain all the information you need to find better, tailored deals. Meaning your login details are crucial. If you don’t know them, go to your provider’s account page and click on the forgotten details link. This will guide you through setting up a new password and/or username.

I’ve got my login details. Now what? You need to find out your maximum monthly data, minutes, texts and spend. You can do this yourself, but you’ll need to spend time manually entering the information into comparison sites. Or you can simply, safely and securely do this through ctrlio and automatically have your best-matched plans brought to you. In less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Give ctrlio a go for yourself and see how much time, money and hassle you can save.

Article first published on LinkedIn Pulse.

Laurence John

Laurence has been developing, marketing and financing advanced products in aerospace, mobile and early stage venture environments for the past 25 years.