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The Guardian recently covered ctrlio's Annual Mobile Phone report, offering 5 top tips to reducing mobile spend.

Excerpt below taken from the original article published on The Guardian.

Mobile phone users in the UK are wasting about £160 a year by being on the wrong contract, according to a new report. Furthermore, 90% of those with a mobile are losing out this way.

Overpaying subscribers tend to either be on contracts that give them more minutes and data than they use, or on contracts with limits they regularly exceed, which means they rack up extra charges each month. The latter group tend to be the biggest overspenders.

Having analysed 400 'representative' contracts, the consumer data firm ctrlio says we could be collectively wasting £6bn a year. It named EE as the worst mobile provider for 'contract fit', while independent provider giffgaff was the company with most customers on the right deal.

In short, the survey found that if you’re on an 18- or 24-month deal that has expired it’s likely you are overpaying each month. Here’s an action plan to make sure you avoid this scenario:

1. Check your real usage

2. Consider going sim-only

3. Ask your home phone provider

4. Haggle with your provider

5. Consider an outright purchase'

Read the original article on The Guardian.

Charlotte Ellis

Charlotte is Marketing Director at ctrlio, making sure that the wider world knows how to bring their data to life.