The web is amazing. But the brands you buy from online don’t know much about you and there’s no simple, safe way to tell them. This means everyone gets bombarded with the same offers, whether they’re right or not. It’s annoying for you and costly for brands.

This didn’t seem very clever. So Laurence John and Dominic Strowbridge decided to do something about it.

Tell brands what you want

If you had an easy way to tell brands what you want, the brands could offer you the right deals at the right times. Every deal could be matched to your actual needs and you could manage them simply in one place, without the risk of being spammed.

Brands could spend less on advertising because they wouldn’t have to guess your needs – and they could pass their savings on to you. Everyone would be better off.

So ctrlio was born. It’s pronounced ‘control-ee-o’. Just like the CTRL button on your computer, because you control what goes in and out.

The start of a revolution

ctrlio is transforming the way brands bring you deals, for good. It’s started with mobile phones, because almost everyone has one. It can also help reduce the cost of your Broadband. Other big household costs, such as energy and insurance, will be next.

Laurence John

Laurence John, CEO

Laurence has been developing, marketing and financing advanced products in aerospace, mobile and early stage venture environments for the past 25 years. He has raised and run two seed funds for Amadeus and advised UKTI on venture capitalism during the Olympics.

He was always on the look out for a company, which championed consumer data control. He never found it, so he joined forces with Dominic and built it himself.

Dominic Strowbridge

Dominic Strowbridge, CPO

Dominic is passionate about creating products that solve problems and delight users. For the past 20 years, he’s been designing and building first-class consumer products for the mobile industry.

He introduced the world to dual-band phones and app stores when working for Motorola, and launched mobile entertainment services for BT and Nokia. His knowledge has transformed ctrlio from a light bulb idea into a fully operational success story.

Ben Wilder

Ben Wilder, CTO

Ben has more than 10 years of technical leadership experience and a passion for building highly scalable digital platforms and teams. He has built core software himself, recruited and managed top-class engineering and customer support teams and has architected global SAAS infrastructure to handle over 100 million daily transactions.

As a leader in technology, he has assessed technical solutions to meet business requirements, built business plans for technical funding and implemented approved solutions both directly and through chosen suppliers.

Ash Lad

Ash Lad, COO

Ash has a track record in delivery and operations, he has spent most of his career building teams and capability. At heart, an operations and delivery guy focussed on enabling businesses through people and processes.

He has been instrumental in creating successful delivery focussed environments and in doing so, enabling growth of business to deliver commercial goals. From start-ups to large global organisations, to ctrlio.