For People

Hello. We are CTRLio. Our purpose is simple. We want to help you save money, make better decisions and do more in life when you take control of your personal information. Our shorthand is Save.Make.Do.

We do this by giving you tools to manage and use your own personal information. For example, we can cut the confusion when looking for your next mobile phone deal. Our tools will help you gather your usage and location records, calculate what you need, identify the best networks in your most frequently visited areas and invite suppliers to make you personalised offers. This is just one example of how you can benefit - the opportunities are endless when you take control of your personal information.


Save money by getting brands to make you personalised offers


Make better decisions when you have all the relevant information at your finger tips


Do more in life when you take control of your personal information

For Brands

We help people tell you who they are, what they want and when they want it. You get better access to better data and will see huge performance and engagement uplift.

CTRLio has developed a unique solution which will enable you to respond to direct requests for products and services. Our tools interface with the systems you already use, allowing you to dynamically respond with competitive and personalised offers. CTRLio is also helping people to connect with real-time marketing systems on a global scale, so you will know when it is appropriate to talk to them and what the right message will be. The time for consent-based, one-to-one marketing has arrived.


Save on marketing costs by responding to qualified, informed, consent-based leads


Make more personalised offers that will perform better


Do more to engage your customers directly

For Developers

Be the first to build a new generation of applications that benefit from consent-based access to people's detailed personal data records.

You can use CTRLio's open APIs and file formats to build innovative applications that use and enhance personal information. Mash up locations with calendars, interests with purchase histories, messages with contacts to reveal highly personal and relevant insights. You will be able to create apps that were never possible before. Let CTRLio help you distribute your apps to a global audience.


Save time by building on CTRLio's rich, open source toolkit


Make and share better, more personalised experiences


Do more with consent-based access to detailed, personal profiles

How it works

Securely and anonymously share your data with brands to receive deals tailored to you.


Collect your data with CTRLio tools

Create your own secure Personal Information Organiser

Make comparisons and visualise trends

Understand what your data means

Receive deals tailored to you

Share safely just the parts of your data that you want in order to get personalised offers for the things you need, when you need them.


Subscribe to peoples’ signals

Receive the data they choose to share so that you can provide a personalised experience

Bid against other brands for customers

Make the best offers based on the rich personal profiles you can see

Engage with customers that accept your offers

Enter a data partnership with your customers, feed their Personal Information Organisers with relevant data

About us

We believe in a world where millions of people will benefit from controlling and using their personal information. This will radically change relationships with brands and services and commerce will blossom. CTRLio was set up to build the tools and platform to make this happen on a global scale.

Core beliefs

We believe people should control their personal data, which includes deciding where they store it and what they
do with it.

We believe informed people make better customers.

We believe people will gain way more when they use their personal information than if they were to sell it.

We believe customer control of personal data is
the new 'opt-in'.

We believe trust, privacy and security are really important when it comes to personal data but they are not enough. That is why we invented CTRLzone™.


The problem with data is that once it is shared, you can't 'un-share' it easily. It is very simple to copy. That is why we developed a mechanism for safe sharing called CTRLzone™. CTRLzone™ is a place, where you can let brands see some of your personal information and they can respond with personalised offers. When that work is done, CTRLzone™ evaporates - which means the only person that ever keeps your information - is you.

How we make money

CTRLio is free for individual people to use. Our primary objective is to help people discover what is best for them. We do charge brands for using CTRLio but not at the expense of compromising our primary objective.

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Together, we can change the way huge industries work, respecting the data right of individuals and massively improving the efficiencies of companies. We are well on our way but would love to hear from you if you want to help us on the journey.


Join our world class development team. We currently have openings for JavaScript developers at our London base in Clerkenwell.


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Join one of our trials and be amongst the first in your sector to enter a new data partnership with customers.


Join our developer community to create apps that benefit from access to rich customer profiles.

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